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Though Afghanistan, a democracy, remains one of the world's poorest countries it has undergone substantial political, economic, and social transformation since political upheaval in 2001. The Afghanistan economy is growing at a fast pace. The construction sector has been a principal factor in this rapid growth because of its close link to infrastructure and housing development.

Inflation is high, averaging 11.0 percent between 2005 and 2007. Price controls exist in major cities, and controls on prices of eggs, milk, cheese, bread, meat, fruits, and vegetables vary
Afghanistan Investment
Mineral Deposits Worth $1 Trillion

U.S. military officials and geologists have determined that the mineral deposits in Afghanistan are worth nearly $1 trillion.

Vast supplies of minerals such as iron, copper and gold, all with worldwide technological applications, are scattered over the country, according to...

The Silk Road to Opportunities

By M. Ashraf Haidari

Afghanistan's economy has been called a “virgin market.” Years of conflict left the country virtually untouched by foreign investment. However, since the fall of the Taliban, investors have found Afghanistan fertile territory, and the economy...

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